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A R Rahman
A R Rahman

I am a hobby musician and a very big fan of A.R. Rahman’s Music.
I would like to introduce to you Mr. Rahman.
I think the people who follow indian movies certainly know that he is one of the greatest musician ever happened to bollywood music industry and also to tamil cinema.

Rahman started his career into professional music with composing music for advertisements. Also he initially was working for Illyaraja who is also a famous and versetile music director of Tamil film industry.

From his exposure to professional music Rahman has gained a very comprehensive command over instrumental music. As a symbiosis of his genius, his playing skills and modern music making technology he has transformed completely the soul of Indian film and poppular music. He has catered very mesmorizing soundtracks in films Roja, Bombay, Sathiya, Gentlemen, Meenaxi and many others. Very peculiar features of Rahman’s music are the appropriate use of Bass instruments and the variety of rhythm patterns used throughout the songs which gives a different dimension to his creations. Personally I like the following of his songs which I would also like to recommend.

1) Tuhi Re – (Sung by Hariharan and Kavita Krishnamurthy for movie Bombay)

2) Yeh Hasin Vaadiyan – ( S.P. Balasubramaniyam and Chitra for Roja)

3) Sathiya – The title song (Sonu nigam)

4) Hamma – (Remo Fernandiz for Bombay)

5) Jiya Jale – (Lata mangeshkar for Dil Se)

6) Muqabala Muqabala – (Film Humse hai muqabala)

7) Thirakkatha – (Film En Swasa Katri)

8) Noor-un-alah – (A Qawwali writtn by M.F.Hussain in film Meenaxi)

Thank You! Though there can not be any comparison as they belong to different times, R. D. Burman was enjoying the same poppularity in India before him. The difference – R.D. Burman is has consistantly delivered good melodies like Is mod se jate hain (Andhi) or kuchh na Kaho (1942 a love story) while Rahman’s strength lies in instrumental music.

I hope that music lovers found this article informative.

your suggestions are welcome at this mail address.


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