Striking the right chord

How to find which musical chord will fit where in the Song? Or, is there any musical chord fitting rule for selecting the right chord for any part of the melody or song?

Answer is yes. You might have seen a number of people asking the chord progressions for their favourite songs on various music related forums. And for a musician, after some experimentations it is not difficult to find out which chord fits where into the song. But again, why only that chord is fitting to that part of the song and not the other one?? Is there any rule for chord fitting??
Here it takes some research.. Don’t worry, I am going to keep it simple.
Usually the right chord is the one which includes the note played on the main beat in that part of the melody..
So, for people who follow Hindustani notations.. The right chord is the one which usually is represented by the note played on ‘sum‘ (as in ‘Khali’ and ‘Sum‘). 
So for example if you are playing  the DDLJ song Tuje dekha to yeh jana sanam..
For simplicity here we will consider just a part of the song.
The Song contains Sa; Re; Ga. (Komal); Ma; Pa;  Dha. (Komal); Ni. (Komal)
And following chords, 
1)     Cmin :Sa Ga.Pa      2) B flat Major : Ni.Re Ma   3) B flat Minor : Ni.RePa



Tujhe     dekha    to ye    jaana      sa   nam
Sa Sa    |Sa| Pa   Ma Pa   Ga.Ma    Dha.|Pa|
              1                        0                    2
             |Sa|Ga.Pa                       SaGa.|Pa| 
Pyaar      hota    hai   deewana         sanam
SaSa      |Sa|Pa   Ma    PaGa.Ma     Ga.|Re|
               3                     0                     4
             |Sa|Ga.Pa                    PaNi.|Re|
Ab       yahan     se     kahan     jaaye     hum
Sa       Re|Ni.|    Sa     Re Ni      Sa Ga.  |Re|
                5                    0                       6
          Pa|Ni.|Re                           MaNi.|Re|
Teri        baahon      mein     mar  jaaye     hum  ...
ReGa.     |Ma|  Ni.    Dha.     Pa   Ga.Ma     |Pa|   Ga re Sa
                7                          0                    8               0
             |Ma|Ni.Re                          SaGa.|Pa|


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    Aapko kya nahi samajh aaya Rupeshji.?

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    Glad to know that you liked it, Thank You Linda!

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