Quiz: Guess the raga!! (Coming back soon..)

The correct answer of February 2018’s Quiz is : Raga Kirwani

Name of the Winner: Mr. Vinod P. Shah from Vadodara, Gujarat.

Congratulations to the winner!!

Did you miss to answer this time? Not a problem, Stay tuned at findraga.com and watch this space for more upcoming Quiz Questions..


Note: Correct answer, along with names of top 3 winners, who have shared maximum number of film song examples of this same raga with its online links apart from guessing the name of the raga correctly, will be published after the Quiz completion Date: 04 March 2018. Ie. on or after 5th march 2018.

The song links can be sent to..: info@pfun.in

Please do not post it in comments or anywhere else..

Thank You for your participation!


About Asal Amdavadi

गिरते - सँभलते ही सीखा था चलना ना बदलेंगे गिर के सम्भलनेका जज़्बा! बनते, बिगड़ते, बनी हैये दुनिया की बनने से पहले बिगड़ेगा क्या वोह?! I am an avid reader by nature, like to write occasionally, here a few of my most favourite books.. Give Happiness a Chance by Phil Bosmans A brief history of time by Stefan Hawkings Gitanjali (The Song Offerings) by Ravindranath Tagore Stotras of Aadi Shankaracharya Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib Vagadano Shwas, Vananchal by Gujarati Poet Jayant Pathak
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