Vasantatilaka – A Meter that rocks

How old is Rock music? 45 years? 60 years? …. 100? 200?

I would say even more,.. now, How is that??

Vasantatilaka meter is one of the old meters or Chhanda being used in Sanskrit Literature and verses,

The famous example of this is a prayer called ‘Shakradaya Stuti’, in Chandipaatha or the prayer of goddess..

This has been metered in Vasantatilaka. If you hear this, it is a meter in which the emphasising or main beat is not the 1st 3rd 5th and 7th but the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th one…

1       3   4    5     6    7   8  9  10 …..

which is a peculiar and basic characteristic of Rock..


About Asal Amdavadi

गिरते - सँभलते ही सीखा था चलना ना बदलेंगे गिर के सम्भलनेका जज़्बा! बनते, बिगड़ते, बनी हैये दुनिया की बनने से पहले बिगड़ेगा क्या वोह?! I am an avid reader by nature, like to write occasionally, here a few of my most favourite books.. Give Happiness a Chance by Phil Bosmans A brief history of time by Stefan Hawkings Gitanjali (The Song Offerings) by Ravindranath Tagore Stotras of Aadi Shankaracharya Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib Vagadano Shwas, Vananchal by Gujarati Poet Jayant Pathak
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3 Responses to Vasantatilaka – A Meter that rocks

  1. very nice rendition. I searched in my book, and found it in Fourth Adhyay !

  2. ruchir says:

    That's correct! Glad that you liked it.. Feel free to download a copy.. just need to click the download arrow on top right of the picture..

  3. Liked the rendition very much This is in fourth Adhyay of Chandi Paath !

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