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Indiartist app on play store

Now your favourite Indian music magazine is available as an app on Google play, right here.. Download it and Share this link with your buddy musicians and artists and help us spread the word..

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Vasantatilaka – A Meter that rocks

How old is Rock music? 45 years? 60 years? …. 100? 200? I would say even more,.. now, How is that?? Vasantatilaka meter is one of the old meters or Chhanda being used in Sanskrit Literature and verses, The famous example of this … Continue reading

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Striking the right chord

How to find which musical chord will fit where in the Song? Or, is there any musical chord fitting rule for selecting the right chord for any part of the melody or song? Answer is yes. You might have seen … Continue reading

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‘Hindustani’ Music : Indian Classical or Indian Jazz??

Some people confuse Indian Classical Music by comparing it with Western Classical Music. Infact they both belong to different genres. Indian Classical music relates more to western ‘Jazz’ music as it is an improvised (spontaniously rendered) music unlike western classical … Continue reading

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Hello World!

Something I’d posted ‘Once upon a time..’! A R Rahman I am a hobby musician and a very big fan of A.R. Rahman’s Music. I would like to introduce to you Mr. Rahman.I think the people who follow indian movies … Continue reading

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